So where are all the enterprises using blogs inside the firewall?

Had a very interesting lunch yesterday disucssing the topic of social media inside the firewall. Mostly touching on topics of RSS, blogs, wikis and podcasts but also other social tools like SNA and tagging. Lots of interesting people including Ross Dawson, Trevor Cook, James Dellow, Matt Moore, Brad Kassell, Ben Cooper, and Robert Perey. Frank Arrigo could not make it.
As I’ve written previously,

I see this as an opportunity to jump start the conversations and networks that may form the basis of a revolution in internal communications and knowledge management within Australian enterprises. Sounds big, I know, but there is so much value to be had from using the tools we discussed to lubricate knowledge and information flow. My big questions for the conversation are:

  • Who’s doing this already? Or thinking about doing it?
  • How do we get started and sustain the effort?

Lots of interesting free flowing discussion, lots of personal networks created and/or strengthened. Unfortunately, we did not really get to the heart of the matter.

I’m still interested in finding out about any examples of enterprises blogging behind the firewall. That is, for an internal audience only. I’m paticularly interested in examples of professional service firms, australian firms, and smaller (non- Fortune 1000) firms. Can anyone help?



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