The new actKM

The actKM discussion group has been resurected. From an email from the convenor, Mark Schenk:

You may be aware that the actKM discussion group hosted on Yahoo! Groups disappeared without warning on 15 January 2006. We have not been able to extract any explanation or assistance from Yahoo, and have decided to proceed on the assumption that the original actkm yahoo group will not be recovered. Since then, we have been working to bring actKM’s new website ( into production, and to add to it a discussion list capability to replace that provided by Yahoo! Groups. This has now been completed.

I hear that act-km was not the only group that has disappeared recently. Whatever’s been going wrong at Yahoo! has damaged their reputation amongst a very influential group of KM leaders around the world.

Come along and join the new actKM.

Have you downloaded your user list from Yahoo! Groups lately? I have.

Update: Mark Schenk, Convenor of actKM, describes the experience.


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