Computer simulations of social decision making

If computers could create a society, what kind of world would they make? Thanks to the work of an ambitious project that adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘computer society’, in which millions of software agents will potentially evolve their own culture, we could be about to find out.

By the time it has run its course in August 2007, NEW TIES will have provided food for thought in several fields, and perhaps taken us a step closer to the days Eiben anticipates, when politicians will be able to run simulations on computers to test scenarios (for new tax laws, for example) before carrying them out in real life. “Simulators now allow us to optimise car engines or train timetables,” says Eiben. “But why shouldn’t they help us optimise social decision-making?”

Intriging possibilities from Searching for the soul in the machine at


New blog for the Melbourne KMLF

I'm a committee member of the Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum which is a local (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) knowledge management networking group.

Shawn Callahan, Luke Naismith, Keith De La Rue, Frank Connelly and I (collectively known as the KMLF Committee) met for lunch yesterday and during the discussion on what shall we do for KMLF in the second half of the year we decided to create a new blog.

The purpose of the blog is to keep members up to date on KMLF activities, provide a window into the work of the KMLF committee and provide you with news about KM happenings in and around Melbourne. We will also use this site to publisize our upcoming events.

More about the KMLF.