Do you have a backup?

About an hour ago my hard disk died. Knowing the perils of technology I have a fairly recent back up of all my content. I know it is going to take a while to get my applications and configuration back the way I like them but that is managable. Apart from losing a couple of days work I feel like I’ve got off lightly.

Do you have a current, tested backup?



  1. HDD Failures. Ahh the bain of a PC user’s life. Fortunetly there are these wonderful things called backups and they make it easier when your hardware doesn’t last as long as it should!

    Having a current backup is really difficult when you are constaly changing content. But yeah, I have a partition back up of my data. If I loose my Windows partition I can restore it to a full updated SP2 installation of XP Pro with everything but the little apps installed.

    -Sebastian SEBRT.COM

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