Why Web 2.0 Matters?

Hugh McLeod at Gaping Void has drafted a statement that attempts to communicate, to web hostile business leaders, why Web 2.0 matters. In this instance its the wine industry but it provides a structure that could be adopted to, perhaps, any industry.

How would it apply in your industry? 


You never know what might happen if you show a little kindness

Fifteen year old step daughter of a friend of mine was waiting for her singing lesson yesterday. She noticed a lady setting up tables and chairs nearby, offered to help, and did. “You wouldn’t want a part time job, would you?”, the lady asked… Apparently they have functions every weekend nad sometimes during the week.

It just goes to show how showing a little kindness can provide unexpected benefits.

New blog for the Melbourne KMLF

I'm a committee member of the Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum which is a local (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) knowledge management networking group.

Shawn Callahan, Luke Naismith, Keith De La Rue, Frank Connelly and I (collectively known as the KMLF Committee) met for lunch yesterday and during the discussion on what shall we do for KMLF in the second half of the year we decided to create a new blog.

The purpose of the blog is to keep members up to date on KMLF activities, provide a window into the work of the KMLF committee and provide you with news about KM happenings in and around Melbourne. We will also use this site to publisize our upcoming events.

More about the KMLF. 

Yahoo! Groups to improve as a result of act-km termination

RE: the actKM saga. In a message to the new actKM email list, convenor Mark Schenk, tells us that the original Yahoo! Group for act-km has been restored. Some interesting points:

“We really need to thank the many people who have used their networks to influence senior people in Yahoo, and the many individuals, groups and bloggers out there in the international KM community for giving this issue airplay and putting pressure on Yahoo. There really has been an enormous buzz created that has made Yahoo take notice.”

“There are likely to be some changes to the way Yahoo manages its communities following this, and they have asked for any input we can give about how this should have been handled, and have indicated that a major shake-up of their customer service and community management processes will occur.”

“The disappearance of the group appears to be the collateral damage of a legal dispute we are not involved in, and an appalling lack of due process in Yahoo.

Congratulations to Mark and everyone else involved in resolving this. We’ll be a stronger, more flexible community now.

The new actKM

The actKM discussion group has been resurected. From an email from the convenor, Mark Schenk:

You may be aware that the actKM discussion group hosted on Yahoo! Groups disappeared without warning on 15 January 2006. We have not been able to extract any explanation or assistance from Yahoo, and have decided to proceed on the assumption that the original actkm yahoo group will not be recovered. Since then, we have been working to bring actKM’s new website (www.actkm.org) into production, and to add to it a discussion list capability to replace that provided by Yahoo! Groups. This has now been completed.

I hear that act-km was not the only group that has disappeared recently. Whatever’s been going wrong at Yahoo! has damaged their reputation amongst a very influential group of KM leaders around the world.

Come along and join the new actKM.

Have you downloaded your user list from Yahoo! Groups lately? I have.

Update: Mark Schenk, Convenor of actKM, describes the experience.