Email into RSS

A few days ago I asked if there was a service that could turn my email into an RSS feed. The answer is “yes”.

From [via Micro Persuasion]:

Keep Up With Specific Emails Via RSS. Mailbucket will pump any emails into a feed that you forward to Just create an Outlook rule against whatever (e.g. emails from particular senders) and get the sent out to a feed once they come in. Just keep in mind that such feeds are unencrypted and can be consumed by others.

I have not had the chance to look at this yet. Will report back later.


Is there a service that can turn my email into RSS?

Steve Rubel asks “Will RSS Revolutionize Email Newsletters?” and points to a new service called squeet that will turn RSS into email.

As I commented on Steve’s blog.

As an email newsletter consumer, I want my newsletters turned into RSS feeds so that I can read them in the same way I read my blogs. The nature of the content is often the same — a collection of interesting but rarely urgent items — that I want to read once a day during
my “reading time”. Personally addressed email is often different — requiring timely attention and response.

Is there a service that can turn my email into RSS?

Push vs Pull

Very interesting article discussing the concept of push vs. pull approaches to mobilising organisational resources. (IMO worth the free subscription required.)

Many companies continue to operate on the flawed assumption that demand is intrinsically foreseeable. But others are beginning to embrace a more flexible approach to setting in motion (or mobilizing) tangible and intangible assets (or resources), which may reside within or outside the company.

The McKinsey Quarterly: From push to pull: The next frontier of innovation

Thinking about this idea in the context of internal organisational information flow offers support for my long held view that blogging behind the firewall is a much more effective proposition than increasing internal communications using push technologies such as email.

Your thoughts?