Open source wiki enterprise strength wiki from SocialText

Ross Mayfiled of SocialText has announced the release of an open source version of their enterprise strength wiki (my employer is a customer). This is an important development for open source and wiki, although perhaps I wouldn’t go as far as Ross when he says that this “changes everything”.

The MPL 1.1 licence is here.


Use of web 2.0 tools team keep up their for team situational awareness

Just heard about an intriging use of web 2.0 tools to help a small technology strategy team keep up their combined situational awareness about their various inter-related disciplines. It involves (I think) a shared OMPL file, personal OPML files, RSS aggregation, and a shared account. Hope to find out more and report more fully.

(Updated) Rich collaboration or wiki?

Bill Ives (Portals and KM) has written a peice talking about collaboration successes with IBM Lotus Quickplace. This made an interesting contrast to Bill's recent focus on enterprise use of wiki's about which I have blogged and bookmarked. I found myself asking why would a company choose something like Quickplace instead of an enterprise strength wiki such as Confluence from Atlassian. Isn't a good wiki platform going to give you much more bang for the buck? I need to think about this more.

[Update: Having thought about this, here's my take on cooperation modes using a wikiCooperation modes using a wiki

So tell me again why I would buy something like Quickplace?] 

Preparing for Intranet 2.0

Bill Ives over at Portals & KM has released some new material:

Kathleen Gilroy and I recently completed a report, Preparing for Intranet 2.0: how to integrate new communication technology into your intranet

This is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in smif (Social Media Inside the Firewall) which (by the way) is the topic of the June meeting of the Melbourne KMLF. Hope to see you there.

Thank you to both Bill and Kathleen for sharing their work.

33 wikis and the wikiwise 50

Via FutureTense, two projects to throw light onto wiki's and how they help with "emergent business". The first, 33 wikis, (already completed) is where they talked about their favourite 33 wikis over 33 days. The second, the wikiwise 50, (just starting) is 50 entries in 50 weeks of wikis "inside the enterprise", which as many of you know, is one of my favourite topics. Watch this space.